Revolutionize your design work flow with Pro Fashion Sketchpad Series.

As a designer, you are constantly searching for new ideas, inspirations, colors, fabrics, materials, and more that will soon become your next project. Sketching is a very important tool in the designing process, it helps to generate and capture quick ideas on paper, adding notes, providing you with a unique space and freedom to explore different perspectives and alternatives, considering and filtering out the concepts that are impossible to produce or impractical to deliver, it also helps to engage in constructive discussions with colleagues and especially with clients. Pro Fashion Sketchpad series provides you with creative freedom to instantly capture an idea or inspiration. Designed with the artist in mind this fashion sketchbook guides you through the whole process of creating professional fashion collection.

The mini fashion dictionary gives you idea and professional terms of different styles and professional terms.

Fashion mood board section helps to specify the theme, colors and materials.

You can use the list bellow to buy the necessary supples for a designer.

The book is divided in 10 sections. First 4 sections are designed to create 35 looks for women-swear. In the first section you can use catwalk pose to capture instantly your ideas as you would like them to be seen on the runway as shown bellow:

From the left side you can write brief description of the idea, colors, materials, motives and more. The second section is designed to help you accentuate details of your designs, use front/back/side template to create detailed sketches of the previous looks.

In the third section you can use flat figure template to create production sketches of your designs.

The forth section helps you to design Lingerie collections. This is a close up pose, front and back.

In the fifth section you can design head wear, Jewelry, and accessories for your looks.

You have Head display section close up for more design ideas.

Hand display will help you to design your own Jewelry ideas.

The shoe lust template will help you to create amazing shoe designs ketches for your looks.

The bonus pose section is designed to create beautiful gown collections.

Fashion croquis will help you to plan your looks.

You also have measurement charts and details.

Use fabric glossary to get familiar with the details and specifics about the fabrics used in the industry.

Get everything organized, ready to present at work, school or factory. Create your professional fashion collection with ease, focus on whats truly important to you.