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How To Draw Stage Costume Design Sketch with PRO FASHION SKETCHPAD book series

Watch new tutorial on how to draw stage costume design sketch with Pro Fashion Sketchpad fashion sketchbook series.

First you can choose the Catwalk Template pose from the Pro Fashion Sketchpad - female figure sketchbook.

Start with sketching general idea about the costume:

It's better before you start sketching your vision, to brainstorm about some of the ideas and answers to the some of the question below, before you actually engage in sketching and designing your concept design sketch.

  • Who is your client?

  • Define the concept of the design.

  • What is the style?

  • What are the colors?

  • What are the fabrics

  • What combination of colors and fabrics you would like to incorporate in your design.

  • What type of accessories you intend to use?

  • Hairstyle - define how it would look.

  • Shoes - design the look of them.

  • Makeup

  • Background

After understanding all the aspects combined together, start drawing your sketch.

Imagine your model in the environment that inspires your look. Feel the atmosphere, lighting, even the music that would be paling...

This will help you to make your vision more clear, and to see how every detail and angle can look in reality.

After the first ruff sketch ideas with Graphite pencil, start defining the final look of the concept with Black fountain pen lines, to accentuate every detail of your design clearly.

When your black and white final sketch is ready, start using your favorite color art tools for rendering the final sketch. You can use Markers or Colored pencils to create final look of your concept design sketch.

To highlight details you can use white gel pens, that can add shine, sparkle, or seam details to the final look.

Here in the sketch illustrated by Aemiliana Magnus, you can see the final concept design:

Aemiliana Magnus used in the sketch concept several elements, colors and fabrics:

  • Black Lace

  • Black and white leather

  • Leather harness elements

  • Leather black and white glows

  • White Linen Shirt

  • White Leather Headpiece accessory

  • Black and silver metal chains

  • Black and white print on Leather

  • Hairstyle - Blue color long hair

  • Makeup: The word FREE that is painted on the face in white, and red lipstick

  • Shoes: Black Leather strips with metal chains.

As you can see the combination of this specific elements are creating the final look of the concept design for stage performance.

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