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Pro Fashion Sketchpad.png

The Pro Fashion Sketchpad series, crafted by International Artist & Designer Aemiliana Magnus, is a specialized tool for fashion designers and creative individuals. Sketching is an integral aspect of the design process, enabling the generation and capture of rapid ideas on paper, adding annotations, and providing a unique space and freedom to explore various perspectives and alternatives. It also aids in sifting through impractical concepts and engaging in constructive discussions with colleagues and clients.

"As a designer, you are constantly searching for new ideas, inspirations, colors, fabrics, materials, and more that will soon become your next project. After a decade of running a successful fashion business, it was my dream to create this amazing tool for fashion designers and creative individuals, helping them to save time, creating beautiful and professional design sketches while keeping everything organized and accessible any time needed," explains Aemiliana Magnus.

The Pro Fashion Sketchpad eliminates the need to spend valuable time drawing the female figure first before creating your designs. The sketchbook's templates are designed in the proper size and pose, ensuring your designs look polished, professional, and organized. The Pro Fashion Sketchpad also enables you to create an impressive portfolio and showcase your work in the best light, whether at school, work, factory, or any fashion event.

The Pro Fashion Sketchpad series provides the creative freedom to incorporate various designs into your collection, including apparel, underwear, accessories, jewelry, shoes, etc. It can also assist you in planning your model's looks, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories for a fashion show or photoshoot.

While sketching your designs, you can use various media such as colored pencils, pens, and markers.


The Pro Fashion Sketchpad is designed with the artist in mind, offering you as a designer all the essential tools and guiding you through the process of building your professional and stunning fashion collection.

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