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Straggle To Draw Free-Hand a Figure?

Have great ideas but don't know where to start?
Are you downloading fashion figure templates from Internet?
Are you struggling to draw a figure and get the proportions right?
Do you need a tool to keep all your designs organized?
Is it time to revolutionize your creative workflow?
Want to create impressive fashion portfolio?

Fashion School or Large Fashion Retailer?  Talk to a rep for custom pricing.

Plan. Design. Present.

Create Womenswear Fashion Collection with 600 Female fashion figure templates


Create Professional Menswear Fashion Collection with 600 Male figure templates

Untitled design (1)_edited.jpg

Now it's easy to design Kidswear Fashion Collection using 600 kids female figure templates.


Pro Fashion Sketchpad Works For:

Fashion Designers
Fashion Schools
Makeup Artists
Fashion Students
Fashion Studios
Hair Stylists
Fashion Factories
Fashion Stylists
Fashion Illustrators
Personal Stylists
Creative Individuals
Accessory Designers
Fashion Lovers
Fashion enthusiasts

If You Want To Create Professional Portfolio You Need Pro Fashion Sketchpad.

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Free Templates

Try our Free Templates to help you speed up your creativity, so your designs stand out.



Our fashion sketchpad provides you with instant idea and inspiration capturing templates, Check out the Pro Fashion Sketchpad Tutorial to learn more.

Capture your ideas immediately

Define your  fashion moodboard

Plan your fashion collection

Explore list of fabrics to use

Sketch your ideas for the collection

Create any look you desire simply

Plan Hairstyle ideas for your models


Plan Makeup styles for your models

Plan Accessories and Styling details

Plan underwear collections

Plan Footwear for models

Plan looks for Photo shoot

Plan looks for the runway

Take your  sketchpad anywhere...

Take notes, brief descriptions 



Create impressive and professional fashion illustration and design sketches, with 600 beautiful and professional fashion templates. Watch the demo here.

Use 35 double Runway Poses to plan your looks

Use 35 Front/Back/Side templates to accentuate the details of your design

Use 35 flat Front/Back/Side templates to prepare your design for production

Use 35 Lingerie Templates to design beautiful underwear, lingerie collections

Use 11 Head & Shoulders template for creating accessories, and plan your makeup & hair style for your collection.

Use 11 Hand display template to create your jewelry


Use 21 Shoe Templates to design shoes for your collection

Bonus 43 female Fashion Pose outline templates to create stunning designs

Use 21 Croquis Outline Templates to plan your looks for the catwalk or photo shoots

Use Measurement Charts to plan your designs

Use Fabric Glossary do decide which ones fits best for your fashion collection.

✔ Create Professional Design Sketches for production.



Pro Fashion Sketchpad professional accurate outline fashion templates makes it easy to create impressive fashion portfolio to present at school, work, and factory.

(Share your designs with the world using our beautiful templates)

Create Impressive Professional Fashion Portfolio

Keep everything organized and accessible any time needed

Present your work to fashion schools at the application process

Show your work in the best light to the factories and manufacturer

Present your designs to colleagues and clients

✔ Make impressive and professional presentation at any event worldwide

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" This book has everything you need! It is everything"

Marian Steinberg


Create professional fashion illustration simply, make your work stand out.


Keep all your designs organized and accessible any time needed.


Build impressive fashion portfolio and present it anywhere .

What Makes Pro Fashion Sketchpad Different?

Pro Fashion Sketchpad - was chosen as one of the best Fashion books of all time for several years since it was published! Designed with creative people in mind, and aim to deliver the perfect solution in the creative workflow to save time, get organized, increase creativity, and capture ideas and inspiration instantly with 600 fashion figure templates, to design any look for Womenswear, Menswear, and Kidswear. Achieve the best professional results while on a tight time schedule and stay focused on what's important to you.


“In the past, it took me longer to make my sketches, with this sketchpad I can draw my designs immediately as I get the idea. I can now create the whole looks and show them to my clients so they can choose from my designs, and I love the idea that it stays as a portfolio book after you are done with all your sketches. Absolutely recommend for a designers who are interested to speed up the design sketching process."


“This book is everything! If you are aspiring to be a fashion designer than this book is for you! It is Everything!!!!"


“Wow, the size really surprised me. It has 588 pages and almost all are to draw on and a couple pages of design tips. This is a keeper!"


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